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Replace Missing Teeth Easy with Casper Dental Implants

elderly couple walking outsideTooth loss is a serious problem for many adults, and one that affects both oral health and quality of life. After tooth loss, simple, fun activities like eating meals and speaking to friends suddenly become difficult – not to mention the embarrassment that a majority of patients experience. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could simply turn back the clock and regain your complete, confident smile? While that isn’t possible, Dr. Erin Prach provides the next best thing – dental implant restoration. In collaboration with an oral surgeon, this revolutionary reconstructive solution creates amazing, truly seamless results for oral health, beautiful look, and sense of self-esteem.

The Dental Implant Process

If you’re interested in receiving dental implants, Dr. Prach will be happy to recommend you to a trusted specialist in the area who handles the surgical portions of your procedure. During this time, the implants themselves will be placed within the gums and jawbone, where they serve as the new “roots” of missing teeth. Once the surgery is complete, you undergo a significant period of healing. This time is necessary because implants are slowly forming a strong bond with your natural structures, creating a solid foundation. When this is complete, you’ll return to our Casper, WY practice so that we can create and place custom-made restorations! 

Restoration Options

When restoring single implants, Dr. Prach uses all-ceramic dental crowns personalized to match your natural teeth. Our Casper team also offers implant-retained prosthetics designed to fit over a number of strategically placed implants. These appliances resemble dentures or bridges, but by being able to securely attach to implants, they offer patients more security and confidence.

The valuable benefits of choosing dental implants include: