Wisdom Teeth Removal – Casper, WY

A Smooth Rite of Passage

Your wisdom teeth (third molars) are the last to emerge into your smile, and they bring a variety of potentially serious problems with them. If Dr. Prach determines during an evaluation that your wisdom teeth are threatening your oral health, she may recommend that they be removed. Our team will do everything we can to handle this procedure as smoothly and comfortably as possible so you can get back to enjoying your smile soon.

Why Choose Dr. Erin M. Prach for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

  • Able to Handle Many Extractions In-House
  • Partnered with Local Specialists
  • Dental Insurance Welcomed & Maximized

The Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

If the wisdom teeth have mostly come in and are easy to access, then Dr. Prach can remove them herself. However, if the teeth are impacted (as in they are still stuck within the gum and bone tissue), she’ll refer the patient to a local specialist so they can get the care they need at the highest possible level, ensuring a comfortable experience.