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HealthyStart™ – Casper, WY

Effective Help for Growing Smiles in Need

Many parents enjoy seeing their children sleep, but what they may not realize is that many children experience Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB). This condition interferes with a child’s ability to breathe properly during the night, preventing them from having quality rest and encouraging unhealthy development. As a result, they can struggle with serious health and behavioral issues or need advanced orthodontic treatment down the road. At Dr. Erin Prach’s practice, we can provide simple treatment through the HealthyStart™ system for children with SDB or misaligned teeth. 

What is HealthyStart™?

HealthyStart™ is a system of oral appliances that influences the growth and development of a child’s jaw and teeth. These comfortable, custom appliances treat the root causes of SDB, thus alleviating the associated symptoms, by repositioning the tongue, teeth and jaw in ideal alignment for the airways to remain open and clear for easier breathing. In addition, the HealthyStart™ device can make necessary orthodontic adjustments early on, reducing or even eliminating the need for braces in the future. Basically, these appliances can ensure that your child develops in a healthy way from the beginning.

Why is it important to treat with HealthyStart™ early?

Without intervention, the symptoms caused by SDB can continue well into adulthood and have lasting effects on a person’s health. For example, sleep apnea (which is a common sleep disorder) in adults has been shown to lead to high blood pressure, a long-established cause of heart disease. In addition, corrective procedures such as expanding the palate, are much easier and less invasive when performed at a young age. Through HealthyStart™ treatment, Dr. Prach can give your child more opportunity to thrive in all areas of their life. 

List of abnormal conditions

What is the HealthyStart™ treatment process?

If you and Dr. Prach determine that HealthyStart™ is the right treatment for your child, we will take impressions of their mouth and create a customized treatment plan. Then, your child will wear the oral appliance when they sleep. The appliance will open up their airway, allowing them to sleep more peacefully and wake up feeling rested.

Xrays of a compromised and developed airway

As your child develops over time, their teeth and jaw will be guided into healthier alignment with this oral appliance. The HealthyStart™ process is truly that simple, straightforward, and effective and is much less invasive than many other treatments later in life.

Can your child benefit from HealthyStart™?

HealthyStart™ can address and correct many problems beyond oral development, helping a child have the best chances of success in learning and social environments. Overall, HealthyStart™ treatment can give a child a higher quality of life, perhaps even eliminating the need for medication that would traditionally be used to treat behavioral or emotional issues.

Not only does HealthyStart™ address the root causes of Sleep Disordered Breathing, it simultaneously straightens your child’s teeth without braces. Best of all, when treatment begins early, the perfect smiles that the HealthyStart™ system creates are less likely to relapse.

HealthyStart benefits pamphlet

If your child struggles with any of the conditions mentioned above, give our Casper office a call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Prach. She can evaluate your child and determine if HealthyStart™ treatment is the best approach to take.