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What’s The Best Type of Denture Adhesive?

May 1, 2024

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Are you ‘stuck’ trying to figure out how to secure your dentures? There are plenty of options to choose from, but which one is best? If you’re looking for a new adhesive, here’s a breakdown of your options to help you out of a sticky situation!


What to Expect: Dental Implant Consultation

April 24, 2024

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patient and dentist talking during a consultation

Surprises for birthdays and anniversaries can be fun and exciting, but in other situations, it’s best not to be surprised. Take, for instance, your dental implant consultation. Before starting such a complex and important treatment, you should know what you’re getting into and know what to expect. Here are some of the things that will happen during this essential appointment so that you know what’s coming.


Can Vitamin D Improve the Success of Dental Implants?

March 24, 2024

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Vitamin D fortified foods500,000 people every year are investing in dental implants to replace their lost teeth. They have over a 95% success rate, lasting for 30 years or longer with the proper care, like brushing and flossing. The risk of failure is less than 5% and often occurs from a preventable infection called peri-implantitis, which is like gum disease. However, new research has found another potential cause. Vitamin D deficiency might be a contributing factor. Here’s why you might want to spend more time outdoors soaking up the sun if you’re ready to invest in dental implants.


Help! My Dental Implant is Loose!

February 27, 2024

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Wide-eyed woman with her hand over her mouthIf you’ve invested in a dental implant to treat your tooth loss, you’ve made an excellent decision. With over a 95% success rate, it can be quite alarming if your dental implant feels loose. Don’t panic! Here’s what might have caused the instability and what you can do to save your investment.


Prosthetic Pitfalls: 5 Complications of Poorly Fitting Dentures

January 11, 2024

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Older man holding his cheek due to ill-fitting dentures

Have you noticed your dentures feeling strange in your mouth? Are they uncomfortable? They may not fit you properly anymore. Ill-fitting dentures can cause many issues for those who rely on them. But how could something like poorly fitting dentures cause discomfort and health complications?  Read on to learn more about these potential issues and how they affect you.


3 Holiday Drinks That Can Harm Your Smile

December 10, 2023

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Two small glasses of eggnog on wooden tableCandy canes, stuffing, pies, and other seasonal favorites can lead to unwanted weight gain, but that’s not the only concern. The holidays can be bad news for your dental health. Limiting sugary and starchy foods can lessen your risk of tooth decay, but the beverages you consume can also affect your mouth. Here are 3 popular holiday drinks you should avoid to keep your pearly whites healthy. 


Itinerary Inquiries: Can I Travel Right After Getting Dental Implants?

November 7, 2023

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Black and white illustration of a dental implant inserted in lower arch

Dental implants are an incredible way to restore your smile after tooth loss because they’re the only option that looks and functions like a natural pearly white. If you travel frequently, however, you may hesitate to get treatment. Many patients figure the recovery time will be too long and will impede their plans, so they put it off. Fortunately, it’s generally safe to travel after dental implant surgery as long as you take the proper precautions. Keep reading to learn more!


Tooth Pain? Let Us Explain! Here Are a Few Different Types of Toothache

October 13, 2023

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Woman has toothache

Toothaches can strike at any time, and they come in a few different varieties. While some can be dull, others might be sharp and throbbing. Tooth pain might only bother you while you’re eating, it might only be noticeable before you sleep, or it might be an all-day ordeal. To make things more bothersome, many people have no idea where their toothaches come from. Here are a few common types of toothache and what can cause them.


A Guide to Maintaining Clean and Healthy Dentures

September 8, 2023

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A pair of dentures soaking

Wearing dentures can be difficult at first. It’s a brand-new feeling with a new set of “rules” to follow for everything from eating to oral care. Your dentist most likely told you everything you need to know about maintaining your new prosthetics, but you might need a refresher.

If you’re struggling with keeping up with your oral health with your dentures, continue reading. This guide will give you everything you need to know to care for your smile.


How Will I Know When It’s Time to Replace My Dentures?

August 11, 2023

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Modern dentures are a believable and incredibly comfortable way to replace missing teeth using especially durable materials, but they have limitations. New dentures should fit wonderfully because they are customized for your mouth. Over time, your mouth will change shape and the dentures will undergo wear and tear with use. They will need periodic adjustments to fit properly, and even the best dentures will probably need to be replaced after ten years. Here are a few signs that your dentures might soon need a replacement.

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